Moderated by Diana Benitez

Panelists: Chantel Riley, Nic, Terran Pierola and Varun Saranga



SDCC 2018 – Cast Panel

Transcribed by @nhtheengineer

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[Panel starts around the 0:39 mark]

Moderator: Hello Earpers! [Loud cheers and applause] My name is Kayti Burt, I am an editor at, and I’m so happy to be here with all of you today, [Cheers] for the panel for Wynonna Earp, recently mentioned in the New York Times, which is pretty cool. [Cheers] So, before we bring the cast out, we’re going to have a little video presentation. Yeah, it’s very exciting, and we’re going to talk a little bit about the show after that. (more…)

Melanie Scrofano – SDCC 2018 – Roundtable 1

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Interviewer 1: So how are you feeling about this season? How do you think it is going to be different from the previous seasons? Looks-wise, it looks amazing.

Melanie: Well, we got- Great, [pointing to mouth] I’m glad to put this in. I’m so sorry. [Pulling gum out of her mouth] That’s disgusting. It looks very cinematic. We have Paulo Barzmann directing three blocks, so six episodes, and the combination of – he? – him and Gavin Smith, our DP, is just, it turns what should just be fun television into a cinematic experience. So that’s what’s up visually, and then story-wise, it’s just we’ve established the mythology in this, and we know the world. Season 3 allows us to just dive right in without having to explain everything. (more…)

Melanie Scrofano – SDCC 2016 – Roundtable 3

Video by Chelsea Eichholz

Transcription by @cathybart


Interviewer #1: So, we’ll just start cause we only have a couple of minutes.

Mel: Yeah, please do.

Interviewer 1: So your family is really fractured at the end of the last season, do we have, is there a time jump, or do we just start right where we left off?

Mel: Ah…I feel, I don’t know. I feel like we have to start close to where we left off at least. I mean to time jump would be a disservice to, you know like, there’s so much that just happened to all of our characters.

Interviewer 1: In the last like two minutes.

Mel: Yeah, and, and like- ahh we- to, to not experience that messy, horrible emotion or whatever’s going on there would suck, however in keeping with the show we are pretty fun, so I don’t think we’re going to be all soap opera about it, but..


Wayhaught – Purgatory Pocket 2018 – Panel Snippets 2

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Day 2 – Purgatory Pocket Panel (Snippets)

On Wynonna Earp having fans in Brazil


Dom: ..I didn’t really understand it. I was like, “Are there fans in Brazil??” (laughter) Like, I remember just like, thinking that was the most UNFATHOMABLE thing, in the whole wide world, that there were fans in Brazil. And then it was like, “Come to Brazil! We love you! We love you! Come to Brazil! We love you!” (laughter) We’re like, “They must be from Brazil! Like, this is crazy!” And then just like, fan accounts from Brazil, and like everything. And I, I just think, I remember thinking how incredibly special it was, and why?? I was.. I was like, always wracking my brain, as to WHY, is it, that Brazil like, is so um, drawn to the show. And I think that coming here, I understand it now. I feel like, because of how much you guys need the representation as well. Like, the PASSION, comes out even more. And I think that’s just so special. So, yes, we feel it, thank you very much for having us. It means the world. Thank you. (cheers from audience)


Wayhaught – Purgatory Pocket 2018 – Panel Snippets 1

Transcript by @nH_theengineer

Day 1 – Purgatory Pocket Panel



Audience member: (Asks question in Portuguese…)

(cheers and applause from audience)

Moderator: In the promo, we get to see how Nicole and Wynonna are getting closer, and they’re creating a friendship, and she wants to know, how will this affect the relationship between Nicole and Waverly? (Dom: Ohh.)

Kat: Oh, that’s a nice question. (Audience: Yeahh!) I thought it was WAY worse, because of the way you guys reacted. (laughter) Um, I think um, uh well I think it’s.. I don’t wanna speak for, for Waverly, but I think from Nicole’s opinion, it’s just she’s just so happy to be having finally more accepted in the family. (Audience: Aww…) And feeling like Wynonna just trusts her that much more, and.. And I think, you know Nicole doesn’t really have family there, so, I think she feels like she’s being finally welcomed into like, a new family, in a lot more ways than just for Waverly. I think it’s very comforting for her. Yeah. (Audience: Awww…) (more…)

WayHaught – LoveFanFest – Interview 2

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Interviewer: Um, (Dom: Pew pew pew) how has it been experience in LOVE Fan Festival?

Kat: It’s been amazing. I think it’s been maybe I’d say one of our favorites. (Dom: Yes.) Yeah.

Dom: A hundred percent. You guys are all amazing. And I.. we were literally just saying that, every.. In every uh, (laughs) um. Every festival has a different vibe, a different energy, depending on where you are, the culture, um, the organizers, the volunteers, and of course the fans. And I feel like this convention is just, there’s something about the energy, that is SO positive. Also, I love LGBT conventions ‘cause you feel like, you are there for, um, something bigger than yourselves, as well, which is always like, talking about the right things and pushing something forward,, in a way, in a positive way. Um, but yeah, we love it and we hope that you’ll have us back. (laughs) (more…)

Wynonna Earp – Love Fan Fest – Panel Day 2 (Snippets)

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Mel telling a very soft story


Mel: ..this, last season.. when I was, pregnant. Um, Tim.. uh, I was SUPER pregnant. We just started playing it. Because I think it was episode seven, and uh.. it was the one where I didn’t wanna, Doc.. Wynonna doesn’t wanna tell Doc, um.. that it might not be his, and as Tim was, walking out of the door in that scene, he.. it wasn’t scripted and he, he had never done it before, like in rehearsal, he put his hand on my stomach. And it was just such a like.. Tim, you would NEVER think Tim would do that, because he’s so like.. (mocks Tim) “Babies.” (laughter) like he stares.. (in a deep voice) “like how do you not break them..” (mocks Tim, inaudible) um, but he.. actually, is.. is a huge softie and he put his hand on my stomach, and, that in and of itself was so tender, and.. and kind, that I started crying, and then the baby kicked.

Audience: Awww…

Mel: The baby kicked his hand. So it was.. THAT was one of those moments where you’re like, “you CANNOT write that.”   


Wynonna Earp – Love Fan Fest – Panel Day 1 (Snippets)

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On advice for someone who is afraid to come out


Audience member, off mic:.. hmm, that’s tough.

Dom: (Inaudible)

Kat: Um.. I would say, as someone who has not had that experience before, that I.. I don’t think it’s fair for me to just say I would know exactly how you would feel. Because I think that would be.. unjust. However, I would say, look around this room. (audience member: yeah!) ..of this community of incredible people, who, no matter where you are in the world, they are all still out there. And that you can always come back to your community that we’re all in together. And I don’t know if I can.. I don’t know your life, and I don’t know your situation, but I would say no matter who is in your immediate life in front of you every day.. There are all of us, myself and Dom included, who will always be there for you, and always support you.



Wayhaught – LoveFanFest 2018 – Panel Day 2

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(Cheers and applause)

Dom: Um, I’m, gonna eat a banana, because I’m hungry, um, but I didn’t wanna make you wait. I hope that’s okay. (Audience: Yes!)

Kat: Hi! (Audience: Hi!)


Kat: It’s nice and bright, in here today. It’s like the sun’s coming out.

Dom: Yeah! I can see a little bit of your faces. It’s nice. God. Don’t know, okay. *Exhales* Hi! (Audience: Hi!) How are you feeling, are we all EXHAUSTED? (laughter) (Kat: But happy.) But happy. Yeah. I was just saying, I actually quite like the second day, chill, you know what I mean? Like the, all of the *gasps* like is out of your system, and then you’re just like, “Ah I can just ENJOY it now,” you know? Yeah. (laughter) Are we just supposed to talk? Like what’s happening? (laughter) Is there a moderator? (more…)